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Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

“Don’t die crashing…LIVE SMASHING…#NeverStopDancing

The Website and have combined to become one major brand. The Electrotaku blog and media page highlights the adventures of The Charismatic Nightkid exploring many trends in anime and manga, cosplay, music, and life.


Read up on professionally written blogs and review keynote presentations. Soon you’ll be able to listen to the best Electronic Dance tunes and see amazing videos by the Charismatic One as well.

The Blog

Highlights of events he’s headlined, reviews on nightclubs, restaurants, events, and products, and friendly advice based on the Charismatic One’s experiences.

Crowd to Stay

Sushicrowd Entertainment has become Hau5 of Hakubi Productions.  Legacy Sushicrowd media will still be available for the fans as well as unreleased content and new events.

Just uploaded "Sephi Hakubi - LIVE @ Lucky Lotus Festival 8: The Final Fe..." to @mixcloud Listen up!
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