Sephi Hakubi

Name: Christian Lalinde
Also Known As: Sephi Hakubi (白眉 セフィ, Hakubi Sefui)
Born: July 5, 1986 in Jersey City, NJ
Hometown: Coral Springs, FL
Current Location: San Antonio, TX
Genres: Trance, Electro House, Progressive House, Hardcore, Japanese Pop
Occupation: Multimedia Performer/Producer/DJ/Cosplayer
Years Active: 2000 – Present
Labels: Appointed Recordings, Hau5 of Hakubi, JDS, EBE Productions

My name is Christian Lalinde, but I am more famously known in the anime/gaming/music scene as Sephi Hakubi. I am an electronic dance music DJ and Producer from South Florida who is currently living in San Antonio, Texas.  I am currently a resident DJ with San Antonio event companies JDS and EBE Productions; as well as, My959 (KXRG-LP 95.9 FM), a Honolulu, Hawaii-based electronic dance music station.  By day I am Cyber Security Analyst and Consultant, but after work, I am a multi-talented performer and producer focusing on bringing alternative and world cultures into the American mainstream whether it’d be through video, music, or modeling. I hope to use my talents to work with others that share the same ideas and help revolutionize the next generation of entertainment.

Sephi with gogo dancers Panda Ky, Ame Hakubi, and Gypsy SinClaire.


Sephi and Ame Hakubi

Previously, I was the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Hau5 of Hakubi Productions (formerly media entertainment label: Sushicrowd Entertainment), based on Japanese-pop, nightlife, and internet culture; as well as the Chief Information Officer of Black Bunny Productions, an electronic dance music and rave culture label. My life with Sushicrowd has experienced many adventures more or less in the last decade of my life. Growing up in Coral Springs, Florida, I started a neighborhood anime club called Neo-Sushi Alliance, which upon graduating high school it became Sushicrowd. As most of the members went our separate ways after high school, I kept the Sushicrowd name and continued on in Honolulu, Hawaii after I joined the Air Force, creating Sushicrowd as an otaku entertainment label. Sushicrowd achieved breakthrough success in Hawaii thanks to the friends that I’ve worked with in the crowd and I helped continue Sushicrowd’s legacy when I moved to Fort Walton Beach, Florida where I’ve met some more awesome friends, incredible talents, and my of course my first wife and manager, Rin. My stint in the Air Force finally took me to San Antonio, Texas where I’ve broken to main-event success in the anime scene as well as San Antonio’s Electronic Music scene. My goal now is to obtain a few more technical certs while becoming fluent in the Japanese language, as I hope to make a living in Japan as a Trance/J-pop DJ once I separate from the Air Force in less than a year. Currently I am furthering my adventure with my wife Laura (also known as Ame Hakubi or Amethyst) and her daughter Sasami. They have been such great support to me with what I do and I do my best for them as well.

Sephi @ San Japan Mach 5

Sushicrowd tended to reflect my personality and in some cases, the personality of the friends I hang out with the most as we share many common interests. I am very open-minded about other people’s interests and I do my best to engage in their interests as well. I tend to be very dynamic depending on the situation. On one hand, I can be focused, calculated, determined, and know when it is time to get busy; on the other hand, I can be fun, carefree, down-to-earth, liberal, and enjoyable. I actually prefer living my life fun and carefree but it is a rough world out there and we have to grow up sometimes. Booker T. Washington once said, “Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.”

SSgt Christian Lalinde

Other than being an entertainer for anime/EDM fans, I am also an Information Technology professional for the United States Air Force, primarily working in Network Engineering and Intrusion Prevention. I got my Associates Degree in Information Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force and have obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Management from Trident University International. I am also a certified A+, Network+, Security+ IT technician, Certified Ethical Hacker, and Certified Hacking and Forensics Investigator. I can say that I am a pretty educated individual; however, I hope to wrap up my educational goals soon as I find that it does take up a lot of my free time and makes “Johnny a dull boy”. I hope to put all this to practice soon because one thing I am not is a dull boy. My advice to those out there is not just stay in school, knock it out early when you have the chance, otherwise, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses once in a while.


Matt and Sephi

I’ve hosted many video shows in the past that highlighted my adventures in anime such as Sephi’s V-log and S-ENT: Sushipop Entertainment for Generations. When I had the time, I also cosplayed professionally, modeling for companies and labels in Hawaii and competing in cosplay contests across the nation. Two of my biggest highlights in cosplay competitions would have to be winning Best in Show at ARTafterDARK manga 2008 as SephiEX Overdrive, and Best Skit at Izumicon 2008 as Itachi Uchiha with my brother Matt as Sasuke Uchiha. Right now I’ve been too busy creating costumes to showcase at competitions due to work, school, and other responsibilities, but I am officially sponsored by and at times, showcase their costumes through photoshoots and other events. What I do now primarily is DJ Japanese-Pop and Electronic Dance Music at anime conventions, nightclubs, and private parties. If you want to book me, check out the details on my website,

Sephi and Ame Hakubi with Darude

I do enjoy getting lost in my dreams but I know well enough what reality is so that I do not lose sight. I do have a very keen mind for style and really appreciate beauty for more than its aesthetics. I love Japanese styles, sushi, red wine, melodic metal rock, European House and Trance, and wonderful memories, and I still appreciate the simple things in life. The most important to me are my ohana, my friends and family. I always love to meet new people wherever my destiny takes me I keep my ohana in my heart. I follow a philosophy of PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Despite my busy schedule, I do the best I can to be there for my friends and I respect everyone with my personal code of honor, loyalty, and integrity.



CSTonycSummerJamFinally, my philosophy is always to do the right thing and always do your best. The world is messed up right now because people fail to do the right thing and hurt others, but it really is your effort that can diffuse that evil. Believe that someone like myself have been wronged before, many times, but I never intentionally try to wrong others as a result. I believe in positive energies and reacting to negative energies will only result in 3x more negativity. Reacting positively will diffuse negativity, pain, and regret and establish peace to the world once more. If you have been wronged and feel angry about it, don’t. Chances are that the person that wronged you will own up to it very hard and painful in the near future.

Black Bunny Productions