Sephi @ San Japan Mach 5


Sephi was great to work with! He was very professional and went out of his way to accommodate our event, Geekfest. We are excited to have him back again!
Jennifer Hetzel ~Central Texas College: Geekfest

Since 2006, I have attended, staffed, and appeared as a guest of honor to over 25 conventions, conferences, and signatures parties. As a multimedia producer primarily dealing with Progressive DJing, video journalism, and cosplaying, my influences has branched across the nation and have gained the attention of an international audience, forming what is known today as “The Hakubiverse”. With each instance that I travel, I gain unique knowledge and wisdom from those involved with the event and I share that priceless experience with the rest of the Hakubiverse either through live appearances, or through my social media channels.  Check out my journey at my Bio page:

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Convention Appearances
The following services are offered to the convention; however, this list may not be all-inclusive nor not necessarily required to have all services used based on the convention’s requirement.

1. Convention’s Standard Appearances: Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Autographs, Guest Q&A Panel
2. Sephi Hakubi Panel: Panel discussion about me and my career in Sushicrowd Entertainment and Black Bunny Productions.  Highlighting history, “best of” videos, talent collaborations, and future.
3. Japanese Music 101 Panel: Discussion and exhibition of the history of Japanese Pop and Rock, how Japan and America traded influences, and where to buy J-Pop/J-Rock.
4. Dance and Rave Panel: Discussion and exhibition of the history and current events of Electronic Dance Music and the Rave Scene..
4. Cosplay Performance 101: Panel showcasing the best skits Sephi Hakubi has witnessed and tips to improve the quality of a skit’s content by a previous Best Skit champion.
5. Wrestling for Markies: I clear the blurred line between fantasy and reality and discuss how the Pro-Wrestling business works and what it means to the fan.
6. DJ for Dance/Rave: Mixing the best in J-core, House, and Trance. (See DJ Services section for more details).
7. Autographs: Block of time to sign autographs as well as hand out convention materials as well as my own free materials.
8. Guest Dine-In: Available to eat and interact exclusively with other guests and paid VIP attendees.
9. Video Capturing of Convention: I highlight the convention on video and upload to my Youtube channel. (
10. Free Press on’s Web Services: Featured on’s main site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

DJ Services
In addition to appearing/lecturing/performing at conventions and conferences, I also mix Japanese Core, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, and a few other bits of Electronic Dance Music. I have been DJing for over 6 years across the United States and have been an enthusiast of EDM for over 12 years. I mix music featuring artists like Nami Tamaki, Ayumi Hamasaki, Above & Beyond, Koda Kumi, 3LAU, Paul van Dyk, Kim Sozzi, September, Deadmau5, and Nero, among many others.

Weekly Radio Show and Live Sets:

-As of negotiations that take place between FY2015-FY2016 (October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016), there will not be an appearance fee for convention appearances; however, Sephi Hakubi, MUST be featured as Guests of Honor for the convention and maintain VIP status by having the same guest perks as the others (badge/green room/promotions/VIP conferences, etc…). Pay only travel expenses/room and board/$30 per person per day for incidentals (if located outside San Antonio metropolitan area).
Private parties (no requests): $35/hr that I am at the party
Private parties (requests): $75/hr that I am at the party
Rave Nightclubs/Events (EDM): $150/hr per playing hour
Party Nightclub/Events (Non-EDM): $500/hr per playing hour

-If the event takes place outside of San Antonio, TX’s metropolitan area (pretty much 10 miles outside Loop 1604), travel, lodging, and incidental accommodations must be arranged.
—TRAVEL: If the venue is within 12 hours driving distance between San Antonio, TX and the event, Sephi will drive to the event and gas to and from the event will be charged. If the venue is beyond 12 hours driving distance, across the ocean, or beyond a national border, Sephi must be flown to the event and back with included baggage expenses.
—LODGING: Venues located outside of San Antonio, TX require one room for myself (preferably the official hotel of the venue). I am required to be accommodated the night before the event, and the nights of the event. There may be instances where I want another night before or a night after; however, that will come out of my pocket. This is so that I can maintain the same hotel arrangement the whole stay. I do not require lodging for travel in between the venue if the event is less than 12 hours driving distance.
—PER DIEM: $30 per person per day for meals and incidentals.
—VIP PERKS that come standard for convention guests.

I primarily play Progressive House, Trance, Electro, Hardcore, and Japanese/Korean pop. I may offer a discount/deal if I play among these genres and as long as I am honored extended requirements on my rider contract.
I can but prefer not to play outside my EDM genre (Top 40/Hip Hop/R&B/Trap [depends on Dubstep]). I am the people’s Electronic Dance musician and I have to be the best for everyone in the rave scene. Feel free to inquire by filling out the contact sheet below. I will do my best to bring you the most cost-effective experience and overall effective experience for your event.

Please make your bookings at least 3 weeks in advance. I also have a regular job and I need to ensure that I have the necessary time off/leave in order to work the booking. Allow me up to 7 days to confirm that I am able to do the event. More likely I am able to but I want to save us all from any unfortunate obligations/obstacles on my end.

I am also available to give interviews, host panels, perform Master of Ceremony duties, meet n greets, autograph signings, and most other appearance events (most times at no charge). Feel free to inquire on the contact sheet below.

My mission is to ensure that everyone has a good time and that I provide quality talent and stress relief to the event hiring me. Best thing to do is communicate as if I know what to expect and what I can work with, I will be better in reacting and proacting to any situation. Don’t hesitate to work something out with me, chances are we have the same idea to what we’re working towards and I want to work with you on it.

To book me or if you have any other inquiries, please fill out the form below or e-mail directly at: