Global Beat Therapy 2017 featuring Sephi Hakubi’s new track “Oceandrive” now available everywhere!

It’s been a long time nightkids.  It’s no secret that I am not much of a blogger, but as I’ve come up with some free time (or so I hope I have), I need to start using my social media and blogging communications much better.  Some of you who have been following me on Twitter (@SephiHakubi) have probably noticed some increased activity over there.  I’ve done a lot of reflection the last couple of weeks and so long as I have the energy and determination, I hope to make more of an effort.  Summing up between my last post about PAX and now from what I remember: I played a couple more GoGames360 shows with my wife Ame making her official DJ debut at The Woodlands, I got invited to be a guest at Realms Con to play their rave Friday night at The American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX, I’ve become an official DJ for JDS Lasers, got booked to DJ at the SE7EN Deadly Sins/SE7EN Divine Virtues Body Art Showcase presented by Beyond The Canvas at Brick, and I am now a resident DJ at San Antonio’s new upscale club, Hyde at Stone Oak, working with famous and skilled San Antonio legend and my mentor, Shawn Jackson.   My radio show Weekly Rave Smash is still going strong and I’m over the halfway mark on Season 2, and I turned 31 years old last Wednesday.

Among all that, I have finally released my 3rd Trance track, “Oceandrive“, a tune from influences taken from classic Trance that I grew up with during my teen years listening to Party 93.1 in South Florida, thus why I called the song Oceandrive.  I actually produced the track last year and got some good pop among ravers and clubbers whenever I’d drop this on my live sets, but thanks to my friend T.Y.K.’s Global Beat Therapy compilation album project, it made it’s official debut to all major digital retailers June 29th along with other tracks from artists in the Appointed Music family like Jarred, Gilbert Carrizales, Jaytekology, and T.Y.K. Check out Episode 18 of T.Y.K. – Beat Therapy as some of the tracks from the compilation are featured on the show.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be performing at Brick at Blue Star Arts complex this Saturday at 6 for BTC SE7EN Deadly Sins/SE7EN Divine Virtues Body Art Showcase. Show starts at 6:00PM so there will be a lot going on that night. I did forget to mention something that I’ve been keeping low key, I was recently made a director for an upcoming comic con here in Texas, being put in charge of music events. I can’t go into further detail about this new job just yet but let’s just say that I am absolutely honored to be a part of this show in this capacity and I can’t wait to effectively take us to new horizons, not only into a new pure dance renaissance, but an enlightenment of music in general. Great to be back speaking with you all again, San Antonio, I’ll see you at Brick this Saturday.

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