The Falls Closes Its Doors…Thank You For A Wonderful Time

When you see that I haven’t written anything in a while, you know I have a lot going on right now that I cannot blog on the regular; however, when a one-off post happens to be posted all of a sudden, it could mean one of two things: I’m done with what is keeping me busy (not the case), or something significantly huge took place; in this case, it’s the later, and it’s not good at all.  So I’ve spend most of my weekend attending PAX South 2016, making it a low-key outing for me as I got some time to spend with my daughter and network with many players in the gaming community as I hope to get back into professional gaming and game culture after being absent from it for over 10 years.  I’ve made a lot of great connections and came up with amazing ideas that would boost momentum for what I am doing as well as the support for my friends; however, as I left the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, I found out through the social media grapevines that my second home that I call The Falls, is no more.  I only received very few details of the circumstances, but I can only confirm based on Nuzzi Network and Falls Manager Matt Fanuzzi’s statement that one of San Antonio’s Best Nightclubs has closed its doors due to a “leasing dispute”.

Nuzzi Network Statement about The Falls







The Falls Bar

The Falls has been my home away from the harsh realities of the world for almost 2 years.  It is where I’ve met face to face and collaborated with San Antonio’s greatest EDM talent, from DJs to producers, to dancers and models, to wait staff and promoters.  Many Thursdays I’ve ventured San Antonio’s dance landmark as my temple for growth in Electronic Music, looking towards my friends and colleagues for wisdom, inspiration, and friendship within a scene which was on the verge of decay until we stood together and made it ours again.  The Falls was my home and the people there were my family and I will certainly say San Antonio would never be the same again; however, we are a strong rave family and we must persevere.  When one door closes, another one opens, and I know my friends will take this opportunity to honor the memory of our home and find greater opportunities to evolve our scene, music and culture.  Thank you very much The Falls for everything.  As much as I can hope that one day you all will return, may you live on smashing and we will never stop dancing.

Sephi Hakubi at The Falls


Sephi Hakubi – LIVE @ The Falls 01.21.2016 by Sephi Hakubi on Mixcloud


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